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What is MobiConnect?

A smartphone security service with monthly packages starting as low as the price of a bottle of water.

While the introduction of smartphones within a business can bring about gains in efficiency,
there is also a risk of disclosure of confidential information, including customer information.
By providing centralized security and management for smartphones, MobiConnect allows
in-house smartphones to be used in a safer and more controlled manner.


Diverse Security Options
  • i-Filter Browser

    The i-Filter Browser provides secure browsing by restricting access to certain URL categories, while allowing setting of URL whitelists and blacklists.

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  • VeriSign Digital Certificate

    Offers management of digital certificates, remote configuration, and revocation for individual devices.

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  • McAfee ® Anti-Virus

    Remote forced definition updates and forced scans with an antivirus application.

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Function Highlights

Case Study.

Improving education efficiency through e-Learning
Domino's Pizza Japan Co. Ltd.

Supporting the high quality services of the home pizza delivery giant Domino's Pizza Japan is a solid system of training. Their in-house organization, Domino's University, works to provide efficient and practical education. In 2013, Domino's University began a new initiative using e-learning provided through iPads. The iPads delivered to branch locations through this project are protected by Inventit's MobiConnect MDM Cloud Service.

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Asahi Comtec Co. Ltd.
NRI Secure Technologies Co. Ltd.
OGIS-RI Co. Ltd.
KDDI Co. Ltd.
Dai Nippon Printing Co. Ltd.
Research and Solutions Co. Ltd.
Eastern IS Consulting Co. Ltd.
MX Mobiling Co. Ltd.
Cloud Technologies Co. Ltd.
Kotobukido Co. Ltd.
Intelligent Web Co. Ltd.
mm Guard Co. Ltd.
Quattro Media Co. Ltd.
SoftBank C&S Co. Ltd.
Mitsuiwa Co. Ltd.

Why MobiConnect?

Introducing the advantages of MobiConnect through video.


Plans and Pricing Overview

*An initial payment of 30,000 yen is required to register for a corporate account.
*Tax is not included in the fees written above.



How does Remote Control work?
In the past, Remote Control was carried out via SMSs sent from DoCoMo or Softbank devices.
With au devices, Remote Control was carried out via polling from a client application.
Nowadays, Remote Control is carried out mainly via long polling. Long polling is a process whereby device control takes place through the MobiConnect PUSH server.
Is it possible to check whether the restrictions that have been put in place are actually working?
Yes, it is. You can check the status of requests (successful/operational/etc.) on the Management Request List screen.
When using an iOS device, is it necessary to join Apple's Enterprise Program?
No, it is not.

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In our seminar room, we provide seminars that help you with the installation of MobiConnect.
In these seminars, we use a hands-on training method to introduce the strengths of our services and features through demonstrations and real-world case studies.
We can also arrange consultations with our sales representatives, so please feel free to make an appointment if you are considering using our services.

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