iOS Unique Features

Application-specific MDM Framework for iOS

With MobiConnect, you can choose the type of MDM control framework you want for an iOS-equipped device (iPhone/iPad/iPod), depending on the application.
In addition to a traditional MDM framework, we also offer a unique in-house MDM framework, and a hybrid framework combining the merits of both.

iOS Unique Features

Prevent Profile Deletion by Users

This feature realizes a high level of security by preventing the removal of profiles that have specific password policies and device restrictions.
With regular MDM frameworks, users of a device can delete profiles at will. When a profile is deleted, remote control becomes impossible, and settings for password policies and device restrictions are deleted as well, thus presenting a security risk.

iOS Unique Features

Distribute Default Settings Simultaneously

As well as greatly reducing the burden of kitting work, this feature facilitates centralized management, thus making for more solid management and security within companies.

iOS Unique Features

Detect Jailbreak/Rooting

By activating the device information acquisition feature, it is possible to detect whether a device has been jailbroken. When a device is jailbroken, it becomes possible to install applications on it that do not come from the AppStore.
This presents the risk that improper applications may be installed. MobiConnect has the ability to detect whether a device has been jailbroken.

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