Privacy Policy

Privacy Policy

With regard to the protection of personal information such as name, date of birth, address, and requested services, we take the following measures.
We comply with laws and norms regarding personal information, and take all possible measures to protect the important personal information of our users.

1. We use the personal information of our users within the scope of necessity for the achievement of the following usage objectives. In cases where personal information is to be used for purposes not specified below, the consent of those concerned will first be obtained.

  • Replying to the questions and requests for estimates and the like from users, as well as sending of any relevant materials.
  • Provision of information regarding our services and related products.
  • Matters related to the operation of the services we offer.

2. The personal information we receive from our users will not be disclosed to third parties except in the following cases.

  • When consent to do so has been received from the user in question
  • When work for a service we provide is carried out by subcontractors with whom we have signed a confidentiality agreement
  • When it is necessary to do so by law

3. In order to protect the personal information of our users and to handle changes to relevant laws and norms, revisions may be made to the privacy policy. In the event that a revision is made to the privacy policy, our users will be informed on our homepage ( or on the MobiConnect portal site (

4. About Cookies

  • Our website uses technology known as cookies in order to make using our website more convenient for our users.
  • Cookies are small packets of data stored on the computer disk of users. They facilitate information transfer between the user's web browser and a specific web server.
  • We use cookies principally for the following purposes.
    ・To maintain service login status
    ・To analyze the access to our website
  • Users can disable cookies via their browser settings, however this may make all or some of our services unusable.

5. About SSL

  • On our website, we use SSL to protect personal information. By using a browser that is compatible with this security feature, in cases where a user has accessed our website and entered personal information such as a name, telephone number or email address, this information will be encrypted automatically when being sent to our server, thus in the unlikely event of the data being intercepted by a third party, it will not be possible to examine the content.
  • Use of a browser that does not support SSL may prevent access to our website or make it impossible to enter information.

6. Acquisition of Log Information

  • We record information about users that access our website as log information on our server, and keep this information for a fixed time period.
  • This access log contains information such as date and time of access, IP address, and browser type, however this information is never used in conjunction with personal information. This information is used as operational information for our services (servers) as a means to improve their usability and to better manage our services (servers).

Established May 30, 2011
Inventit Inc. Chairman: Tak Nishida

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