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Domino's Pizza Japan

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Increasing Training Efficiency through E-learning and iPad Distribution to Branches with MobiConnect.

Supporting the high quality services of the home pizza delivery giant Domino's Pizza Japan is a solid system of training. Their in-house organization, Domino's University, works to provide efficient and practical education. In 2013, Domino's University began a new initiative using e-learning provided through iPads. The iPads delivered to branch locations through this project are protected by Inventit's MobiConnect MDM Cloud Service.


  • Prevent non-business use of iPads and inadvertent transmission of information via the Internet
  • Prevent disabling of feature restrictions by the user
  • Prevent access to non-business content by staff


  • Make accessible only desired features, using MobiConnect
  • Disable the deletion of the configuration profile, prevent users from altering the configuration
  • Activate URL filtering via a combination of options

Secure the safety of iPads provided for staff training by introducing MobiConnect for Business i-FILTER browser options

Increasing Branch Expansion Requires More Efficient Branch Manager Training


Domino's Pizza was the first company to bring the home delivery pizza business to Japan, and now has over 250 stores nationwide. The number of new stores has increased dramatically in recent years, with around 50 new stores opening annually. With so many new stores opening, the training of new store managers has become a major concern.

"Domino's Pizza has an educational program called Domino's University. This program supports staff during their progress from part-time worker, to full-time worker, to store manager and onto staff working at the headquarters. It has become necessary to speed up the rate at which we train new managers, given the increase in the rate at which new stores are opening."

Speaking above on the subject of human resource development was Kenichi Ohara of the Domino's University arm of Domino's Pizza. The mission given to Mr. Ohara was to provide top class human resources for the newly opening Domino's stores in a limited time frame. Also necessary was a mechanism that would allow the most up-to-date information to be included in the staff training. At the time, training materials were all hard copies, and a number of problems existed, such as a backlog in updating campaign-related information. With regard to solving these problems, Mr. Ohara said:

"There are about ten types of campaign per year, however at times the staff being trained would not get to hear about the latest information as the materials were out of date. To solve the problems, we introduced an e-learning system that we had been looking into for around three years. Our objective was to reduce the usual training time of about 2-3 years for store managers to just one year, while always providing the trainees with the most up to date information.

We tested a number of devices for the e-learning training, including smartphones and tablets, but in the end we settled on the iPad. Mr. Yuji Kato of the Domino's Pizza Japan Business Administration Department explains why:

"Android devices do not have uniform specifications, and this makes development tricky. Moreover, we could not be sure that devices having the same specifications would always be available. In this regard, we thought that with the iPad we would be able to make content optimized for a specific screen size and be able to buy devices with more or less the same specifications over time."

Preventing Users from Changing Settings a Decisive Factor in Adoption of MobiConnect


Having decided to use the iPad for training, we chose to create content with a lot of videos. The remaining issue was the security of the iPads that we would distribute to stores.

"The network we use for the training content is separate from that for the business, so there is no chance of customer information being leaked. However, we had to make sure that we prevented information being leaked during business hours through access to private websites and Social Networking Services."

Speaking above was Seiichi Yamashita of the management department of Domino's Pizza, adopter of MDM Products. The requirements were as follows: to limit features to allow only intended use, to enable URL filtering, and to prevent staff from changing security settings. According to Yamashita, it was particularly difficult to find a product that satisfied this third condition.

"It is easy enough to find out on the Internet that iPad function restrictions are set through the configuration profile. In order to maintain security, it was necessary to have some means of preventing users from changing security settings. We looked into a number of products, however the only product that would prevent users from removing configuration profiles was Inventit's MobiConnect.


At the time that we chose MobiConnect, it did not actually have the URL filtering function, however we knew that they were planning a tie-up with the i-FILTER from Digital Arts, so this pushed us towards choosing the product.

In January 2012, 30 iPads were sent to test locations. Initially, we were using a combination of MobiConnect and i-FILTER.

Expansion to 252 Branches Nationwide. Taking it to the Next Step with Content Improvement and Other Initiatives

With the shift from paper-based study to e-learning, self-training become an option that could replace training provided by a branch manager in person. With staff now able to see the entirety of the training structure and measure their own level of understanding, ambitious staff members became able to make rapid progress.

"In April 2013 we expanded the project to the remaining locations, and now all 252 branches nationwide have an iPad available. The iPads that were sent to branches throughout Japan all had MobiConnect for Business i-FILTER browser options, so we will be relying on this in the future with regard to MobiConnect and URL filtering.°

That was Mr. Yamashita, speaking on the step of full-scale introduction of MobiConnect. URL filtering not only restricts access to non-business content, but also shows what kind of sites users have tried to access, he said.


"Thanks to MobiConnect, we were able to distribute iPads that we knew were set up for safe use. In the future, we will be improving the educational content on the basis of feedback from stores, with a view to creating an environment more conducive to learning."

Speaking on his trust and hopes for the future for MobiConnect above was Mr. Kato. This effort to improve the efficiency of training at Domino's Pizza through MobiConnect will surely show its full potential in the near future.

*i-FILTER is web filtering software provided by Digital Arts, Co. Ltd.

Company Profile


Domino's Pizza Japan

Following the opening in 1985 of its first store in Ebisu, Tokyo, Domino's Pizza pioneered a new market for home delivery pizza in Japan. Their system of a freshly baked pizza delivered to the customer's door in 30 minutes is now used worldwide, in over ten thousand locations, more than 250 of which are in Japan. The company seeks to increase the satisfaction of not only its customers but also its staff, and this attitude has borne fruit in the shape of its well-developed in-house staff training system.

Kinoshige Bldg., 4-5F, 1-10-3 Iwamoto-cho, Chiyoda-ku, Tokyo


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